Alright, Here We Are

Real First Post!

Confirmed, the first post went live. Octopress up and running. I spent some time today messing around in Octopress with the purpose of customizing a few cosmetic things and was generally successful. It helped me realize I need to add SASS to my list of technologies to study harder.

Now that this blog is ready to go I’m going to start using it! I’ve got to finish the static About page as well.

Near Future

Some topics I am interested in and will likely blog about in the future:

  • Attempting to better intuit recursion (if it’s humanly possible)
  • The beauty of data modeling
    • Related: data and the relationship between computer data and the real stuff it represents
  • My tendency towards using more methods (and ones with verbose names) rather than less code/nifty loops to accomplish the same goal
  • Meditation on the interaction between the concepts of human-readable code and computer-legible code (the two don’t necessarily share any attributes)
    • (I’m pretty excited about this one. there are a million ways to write code that a computer is ok with, but none of them necessarily make sense to a person and there are a million ways to write instructions for humans that a computer will not understand – but the constraint on both sides is where the real interesting stuff happens.)
  • The solubility of programming problems. What I mean is: if you spend enough time, follow the stack trace carefully, observe the program flow and diligently replace variables, you will eventually solve the problem. That’s a cool thing. Not all endeavors can claim the same.